The day finally has arrived. I am starting a blog.


For those of you who do not know me, my name is Jeremy Saenz. I have been building software since graduating high school. Discovering that I did not want to attend college, I naturally picked up software engineering as a passionate craft that I care deeply about.

Back in 2008 I was just starting to wade (drown perhaps is the better word) through the vast sea of knowledge that is the software engineering industry. I began my journey by programming Adobe Flex apps with Actionscript 3. To ease the pain of entering an industry completely void of prior relationships and contacts, I decided to create a gangsta-rap video that was related to tech (Flex specifically).

Thus, the Flex Gangsta was born!

The Flex Gangsta

The video instantly propelled me into the industry. In all humbleness and honesty it was a scary time for me. I was gracefully accepted into as a community member when I did not really know how to write code!

With the help of some wonderful mentors I eventually did learn how to write code, and write it well. I began speaking at conferences and continued to produce rap songs and videos for the fun of it.


The last couple years yielded an abundance of knowledge and experience, ranging from building key modules for a large social game to designing and implementing a full fledged driving game that is deployed/featured at auto shows across the country.

My more recent endeavor (~1yr) has been working with the fantastic team over at The Engine Co. The team has been tirelessly working to deliver a rapid and pragmatic workflow/platform for developing cross-platform mobile games. Loom, our flagship product, has recently launched and is building a strong community of developers dedicated to make this platform a lasting value to the mobile games industry.

At The Engine Co. our driving philosophy is to use the best tool for the job. Building a tooling workflow and development platform requires us to touch Java, Obj-C, C, C++, Ruby, C#, and LoomScript (our homegrown language) to get the job done right.

Today I am touching many different technologies, and thus I change my alias from the Flex Gangsta to Code Gangsta. The purpose of this blog is to document some solutions I discover in my day to day.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure, now let’s write some software!